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    Founder of Empowered Daughters

    Erin Delaney, M.A.

    As a professional coach, teacher and writer, Erin has had the great privilege of working with hundreds of females for over thirty years, guiding them in the areas of self-expression, empowerment and healing.


    With a professional background in dance & yoga, and an M.A. in Ritual & the Healing Arts, Erin has also worked with children & teens since 1984, teaching Creative Movement in schools, group homes, cancer centers and mental health institutions.


    Within her expansive career, and training in Compassionate Communication (aka Non-Violent Communication or NVC), Parts Work, Voice Dialogue and Neurodiversity Awareness, what has given her the greatest joy & transformation is her own healing, research & teachings around female empowerment, body awareness and the deep honoring of the uniqueness of each extraordinary individual.


    Erin is an advocate for girls and women claiming their truth, power & integrity as they learn tools to navigate their inner and outer world optimally.


    Currently she lives in Southern California with her husband, and they are parents to an amazing, empowered, young adult daughter.

    "I desire for every female to know that

    her voice, her truth & her perfectly unique self deeply matters." 

    - Erin Delaney

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    Virtual Group Classes (via zoom) for Teen Girls

    Body Wisdom
    For ages 14 - 16
    During this 6-week course we cover important topics such as body awareness, female anatomy, menstruation, sexual expressions, boundaries & consent.
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    Navigating Your Inner & Outer World
    For ages 14 - 16
    During this 6-week course we cover valuable topics such as self-awareness, self-regulation (aka centering), healthy communication skills, knowing and honoring the self & others, cycles & ritual, and more.
    More Details


    Knowing & Claiming Your Body, Your Sexuality & Your Self
    For ages 17 - 23
    During this 12-week course we come together to explore self-awareness, awareness of others, self-regulation, healthy communication, cycles & ritual, female body & hormones, sexual expression, and more.

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    * To schedule a call, contact me at:


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    1:1 Sessions for Teen & Young Adult Females (ages 12 - 23) and/or Mothers

    These sessions can cover topics such as:
    - knowing & honoring the self
    - working through conflict
    - practicing self-regulation tools
    - learning healthy communication skills
    - setting boundaries
    - exploring body image, sexuality and consent


    * For more details and/or to schedule a call, contact me at: Erin@Empowered-Daughters.com


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    Weekend Overnight Retreats

    You Are the One
    At this overnight weekend retreat, the girls explore different parts of themselves that make them uniquely who they are. We delve into the practice of nourishing the self (aka self-love or self-care), as they deepen their relationship with themselves and with others, and claim their rightful place in this world. It includes delicious, nourishing food, as well as movie & popcorn night! (and of course, chocolate).


    * For more details and/or to schedule a call, contact me at: erin@Empowered-Daughters.com
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    Self-Study Online Courses (ages 14-16 and 17-23)

    Coming Soon!


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

    A: Coaching and therapy have many similarities and both are highly valuable. In an overall picture, therapy is generally for the treatment of diagnosed challenges, and it tends to focus more on the past & present. Coaching is generally about developing knowledge and skills to enhance the client's life, and tends to focus more on the present & future - though certainly including past wounds and generational traumas we all. The tools learned in coaching can complement the work done in therapy, or stand on its own.


    Q: What do you mean by ‘empowerment’?

    A: The definition of empowerment that I love the most is: continually strengthening one's awareness, perception and choices in life, and boldly claiming one's rights and place in the world. To be empowered is to have greater awareness of self & others, and to have the tools to meet life's challenges.


    Q: How does private coaching differ from being in a group? Is one better than the other?

    A: Both are valuable. In private coaching, the client gets 1:1 time and may feel safer with just the two of us. In the group settings (virtual or in-person), the girls get the benefit of hearing other's questions, experiences and perspectives, and a safe circle is formed. * In both private & group coaching, I take confidentiality & respect very seriously.


    Q: How do I know exactly what you cover in your course or your 1:1 coaching work?

    A: I offer everyone a Complimentary Conversation where I go over the topics that we'll be covering. You are free to ask any questions. Throughout the courses for the teens, I keep in contact with the mothers via email, sharing what was covered and the general questions that the girls are asking (without sharing any personal information or identification).


    Q: What if my daughter is slightly out of the age-range of your offerings, but we feel she is ready?

    A: It's best to schedule a Complimentary Conversation with me to discuss this, and any other questions you may have about your daughter and my offerings.