• Knowing & Claiming

    Your Body, Your Sexuality

    & Your Self

  • 12-week Virtual Group Course for Young Adult Females

    Ages 17 - 23


    Courses Coming Soon

    and are also available at customized times and dates.

    Minimum of 5 females required.

    Ask about details at: erin@empowered-daughters.com



    * NOTE: Ask about details at: erin@empowered-daughters.com or click these words to schedule a conversation




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    • For 12 weeks, we will join together on a zoom call for 75 minutes, exploring the following:
      • deep awareness of self & other
      • healthy communication skills
      • self-regulation tools
      • the female form & its beautiful & unique variations
      • the truth of menstruation / moon cycles
      • body awareness
      • self-pleasure and female arousal
      • sexual expressions
      • boundaries & consent
      • cycles and ritual
      • and more!
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Everything shared on the call will be held in full confidentiality.

    Erin Delaney, M.A.

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    As a professional coach, teacher and writer, Erin has had the great privilege of working with hundreds of females for over thirty years, guiding them in the areas of self-expression, empowerment and healing.
    With a professional background in dance & yoga, and an M.A. in Ritual & the Healing Arts, Erin has also worked with children & teens since 1984, teaching in schools, group homes, cancer centers and mental health institutions.
    Within her expansive career, what has given her the greatest joy & transformation is her own healing, research & studies in the area of body awareness, sexuality & female empowerment.
    Erin is an advocate for girls and women claiming their truth, power & integrity as they learn tools to navigate their inner and outer world optimally, for the betterment of all beings.
    Currently she lives in Southern California with her husband, and they are parents to an amazing, empowered young adult daughter.
  • "I desire for every female to know that

    her voice, her truth & her perfectly unique self matters."

    - Erin Delaney